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MASON, TEXAS…. (this is what Texas Monthly wrote...with some additions by Ms Bridget)


Mason is an idyllic Hill Country town.  Think MayBerry of Texas'from the 1960 series or Northern Exposure of 1990's or most recently the western drama of 2012 called Longmire.  Come to Mason, walk our streets and step into these shows. 


The square here is actually oblong (but “town rectangle” doesn’t have the right ring to it), leaving plenty of room for a spacious lawn and towering pecan trees. A Classical Revival courthouse occupies the center, built of granite, with a white clock tower and, at each of the four entrances, a portico with four tall columns. It was completed in 1909, after the great era of courthouse construction had passed, but it is an attention-getter nonetheless.

You can spend a lot of time here just soaking up the atmosphere. The north side of the square in particular oozes authenticity, with its cast-iron fronts and tile stoops featuring the names of the store owners: King, Schmidt, Seaquist, Hofmann. Hofmann Dry Goods has occupied its building for more than a hundred years. At the Underwood Antique Mall, the biggest item in the store is the first electric refrigerator in Mason, a commercial behemoth that was used to store perishables by the grocery store that occupied the premises. The refrigerator was not retired from use until 1990. On the west side of the square, the Odeon Theater was the scene of the unofficial premier of the Walt Disney film Old Yeller, based on a book written by Fred Gipson, a local boy who made good.


While walking our historical route (pick up list at the Chamber of Commerce), eating at our several restaurants, see how many personalities you can meet that fit one of the above mentioned series.  'It's a new day'.


  .....'what is there to do in Mason?  

Our Picture Perfect small Texas town can offer you the following:





  • Mason County has been voted WET in 2021.  Several full bars, wine rooms, beer brewery.

  • View wildflowers and take scenic country roads

  • Stargazing tubs for reading, watching clouds...counting shooting stars  

    • Tubs on Covered Wagon Property.  Cushions, pillows in the grey trunk near the house.

  • Stroll the historical quiet neighborhood

  • Shop in our small unique boutiques 

  • Antique and Resale Stores

  • Eat at our restaurants or cook in your full kitchen....grill is available.

  • Movie at the Odeon Theatre (Friday thru Monday evenings) 

  • Live Concerts at Odeon and Sandstone Winery (check schedule) (Not during COVID)



  • Topaz hunting (Feb-Oct)

  • Kayaking (April – October)  Bring own or rent 

  • Travel the local roads:    Cycle, Bike.   Or travel in your vehicle. 

  • Extreme Rock Crawling over Mason County Llano Granite Uplift

  • The Winningest Tennis Town in Texas!   Boy's Tennis began in 1914, U.I.L. Girl's Tennis in 1920 to present.

  • Comanche Creek Golf Course  (9 holes)  No tee times. USGA rated. Cart rental 325-347-5798

  • City of Mason Swimming Pool

  • Jamie Hemphill Nature Trail located in the Mason City Park on Hwy 87

  • Bird Watching

  • Path of Monarch Butterflies

  • Dove, Deer, Exotic Game hunts throughout the county. (Lottery hunt at TPWD: Mason Mountain)

  • Participate in Wine vineyard activities, harvest grapes, assist with winemaking/bottling

  • Splash around in the Llano River. Kayaking.  Canoeing.

  • Fishing 


  • Fort Mason is on the Texas Fort Trail 

  • Mason County Museum, located in our earlier school building

  • Mason Square Museum (located on the square) showcasing the largest topaz.

  • Mason County Museum

  • Mason has a history of Indian Raids, the Hoodoo War, Johnny Ringo, Robert E. Lee, and a variety of Texas Rangers.

  • Mason is the home to author Fred Gibson. Take your picture with the sculpture of Ol Yeller and Travis.

    • Mason County Library: Historical Society Archive Room ​

  • The Seaquist House. One of Texas' oldest standing mansions.

  • Drive tour around the town of historical buildings (Chamber of Commerce for guide)

  • Mason County Historical Commission Historical Symposium  (May)




  • Mason County features a broad array of geologic formations dating back over a billion years.  

  • Arrange to see the world-renowned 500 mayo, Cambrian-era Stromatolite exposures

  • Grad students, geologists come from all over the world to study our geology 

  • Gemologists come to hunt for Texas Topaz.  State Gem of Texas only found in Mason County.

  • Rockhounds come for Quartzite, mica, feldspar, ilmenite, magnetite crystal, hornblende, gneiss, ironstone & granite.



  • Galleries around the Square.

  • Painted Tree Studio.  Visit the ongoing work of Bridget Langdale your host. 

    • Work at Kellers on the Square and The Thing Is...both on the square

  • BUTTERFLIES IN FLIGHT" is displayed on a wall on the driveway...made from recycled aluminum cans.

    • Other artwork in B&B and on property​


The community exemplifies the helpful, friendly pioneer spirit of the Old West.  We give back to the community in many ways.  Ask about how to attend one of our many charity events, silent auctions, benefits....(ie. Parties).  

  • …..Steady Step Golf Tournament  (March)

  • …..Mason Volunteer Fire Department Benefit (May)

  • …..Ft Mason Golf Association Annual Scramble (April)

  • …..Senior 2 Person 27 Hole Tournament  (April)

  • …..Home Tour (April)

  • …..Annual Dr. Pepper Golf Tournament (May)

  • …..Mason County Habitat for Humanity Gala  (May)

  • …..Round-Up Weekend with Team Roping, Rodeo, Parade, Arts & Crafts  (July)

  • …..(and many more...)



  • Non-toxic cleaning products are used in the cleaning of this Guesthouse.

  • Sheets are washed with non-phosphate, no perfume, no harsh alkalis, biodegradable clothes soap, and ironed.

    • .Several guests who suffer from chronic conditions such as asthma, sensitive skin have noticed the difference.  



  • Cooper'sOriginal'  Pit Bar-B-Q  (walk out the back gate)

  • Mi Pueblo

  • Nacho's Cafe

  • Santos Taqueria

  • Square Plate

  • La Copa Joe....Coffee Shop

  • ...and more

Wineries & Vineyards:  

Tasting Rooms:

  • Art General Store

  • Murphy Creek Cellars

  • Parr Vineyards

  • Sandstone Cellars Winery

  • Wines of Dotson-Cervantes


  • Robert Clay Vineyards

  • Fly Gap

  • Parr Vineyards

  • wine of Dotson-Cervantes


  • Help us Recycle.

    • Bin located in kitchen area

DAY TRIPS From mason:

  • The Center of Texas is 49 minutes/50 miles, north on Hwy 87

  • Heart of Texas Country Music Museum (Brady...30 minutes)

  • Menard, TX.....irrigation ditches from 1756

  • Santa Cruz De San Saba Mission

  • Luckenbach, Texas

  • Enchanted Rock Nature State Park

  • London, Texas (30 minutes)....great photo op.  Tell others: 'I went to London for the weekend, what did you do?"

  • Fredericksburg, Texas (30 minutes)





Create your own Mason Experience.








rabbit in moon

rabbit in moon





Welding Scupture 029

Welding Scupture 029











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