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Date Nite $15

What a wonderful time we had visiitng your town. Mason has so much to offer. On our first day, we enjoyed hunting, prospecting for Texas Topaz. My dream of discovering a large rock was unfillfilled, but my wife and I had a grand time. Thanks for the use of the tools. We even had a compliment on the quality of construction on the screens!

That evening after resting in the afternoon on the porch recliners and reading, we went to the Odeon Theatre…the oldest movie theatre in West Texas. I calculated there were about 198 seats and they were full of all kinds of people of all ages. So, if Mason has 2114 residents, as the sign states on entering the town, then almost 10% of the town were at the movies. They were quiet too, which is one reason I do not normally go the theatres. Odeon Tickets for IronMan3, Popcorn, drinks, Candy = $15

Staying at the Covered Wagon and being a part of Mason made it a magical weekend. Thank you, Bridget for helping to make our stay special. We will make our way back again. Until then…..Happy Trails to you.

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